Vietnamese Food – Nourishing and Tender


Why Vietnamese?  Because it’s the perfect type of food to eat when you want to add an extra spring to your step on a cold winter’s day. It’s loaded with fresh, floral acid, crisp veggies, charred smoky meats and spicy, sweet condiments. It really is that good and fun to make.

The sweet potatoes and winter squash in coconut would be a well received, nourishing  addition to any holiday feast.

This dish combines winter squash and sweet potatoes in coconut milk with a cilantro garnish. A perfect dish to bring to Thanksgiving Dinner!

Click here for the recipe.


Shaking beef  is tender, wok-fried,  rib-eye steak that is rich with caramel flavors.  It’s accented with a hint of fish sauce and fresh citrus and finished with a spicy, floral watercress, this entree is all at once fresh and hearty.

Click here for the recipe.

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